Bergen County Charity Classic


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Mission Statement

Through charitable contributions raised within the scope of our annual Memorial Day weekend baseball tournament, we enrich the lives of needy student athletes and give aid to charities and foundations dedicated to families with ties to the local area and youth sports volunteering.

During this yearly weekend of elite youth baseball competition, our goal is to promote strong personal values and good sportsmanship, through programs presented by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, dedicated to character building.

Statement of Purpose

Our primary charitable purpose is to aid needy charities and to financially donate to foundations dedicated to helping families with ties to youth sports volunteering.

Our primary athletic purpose is to provide an elite baseball tournament, located at sites throughout  the local area centralized in Bergen County, for youth players from 8 to 16 years old.

Our primary educational purpose is to promote good values and strength of character to our participants.


The Board of Trustees consists of a number of volunteers who serve as the steering committee.

This Board is responsible for the organization and management of the tournament.

They are solely responsible for the selection of the charity recipients and for the direction of the disbursement of funds and the percentage of overall monies allotted to each charity.

History of Giving


Since 2004, the Bergen County Charity Classic has served the people of New Jersey and its neighboring states by raising funds for charities that support youth athletes and foundations for families associated with youth sports who have faced tragedy or illness. This is done while offering elite youth baseball competition in the form of our annual baseball tournament. Along with our volunteers, our teams, our players, their families, our corporate partners, the media, professional sports teams, our schools, and state and local politicians, the BCCC reaches out to deliver the message to give back to our communities and support those in need. Additionally, through support of the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, the tournament continues as a platform to reach our youth about the difficult decisions they will face in the areas of drugs, bullying and steroid use.
We have raised over $875,000 in direct support of these charities and scholarship awards over the past 12 years.
The Bergen County Charity Classic has touched the lives of hundreds of teams, thousands of players, and tens of thousands of those who have participated in these great annual events over the years. We consistently convey the theme of volunteering, education, and service through athletics.
Together with the help of our volunteers and donors, the contributions of the Bergen County Charity Classic Baseball Tournament have enhanced handicapped housing and educational foundations, defrayed medical expenses, supported medical research, funded the purchase of equipment for the disabled, and eased the lives of needy individuals in our local towns.
The tournament also promotes the importance of education.
In 2009, we established and distributed the first Bergen County Charity Classic college scholarships. That scholarship program will be supported and will continue each year.
Our goal is to enrich the lives of all and to raise awareness of good values and service.
We are committed to inspiring athletes to take action and to work in a positive way to give back to those in our communities who need it most.
We’re proud to be making a difference.